Driftwood & dog


Beach pwnd by can of Cola. Just one wave later it was gone. Maybe some day it cut your feet or is it found in…

Moving in Amsterdam

A bike is all you ever need…

Heineken Vierkamp

Monochrome heath

Colorless and dry  


Birch at sunset drawing a zig-zag pattern in the sky


Bezig met vrij fotograferen met een andere fotograaf. Allebei zien we telkens iets anders dat nodig op de pixel moet worden genomen.

Sea level

It’s all leveled out. A day before you would have been in waist-deep water – if you could manage to keep standing upright.  But you…

Boiling sea

The strong winds have gone but the sea is still boiling. And I like those dramatic skies so much.

Parnassia after the storm

A day after a quite heavy storm battered the dunes, everything is back to normal.


It gives an odd feeling walking around with your digital cam in such an atmosphere – back in time for centuries.


Damp, wet, dripping trees, shivering in the mist.